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Nao Catedral Boutique Hotel

Live the experience of staying on a ship, but in the center of Menorca. Modern equipment and open treatment in a pleasant environment enjoyed by leisure customers as well as business in rooms that mimic the cabin of a ship. Nao Catedral Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Ciudadela´s old town, a few steps away from the Cathedral and close to the picturesque port.

Your wellbeing is our main objective

In Nao Catedral Boutique Hotel you will find all the confort necessary to make your stay in Menorca perfect. With our self-service check-in, arriving at your hotel and entering your room is easier and more comfortable than ever. Once you have rested and thanks to the location where Nao Catedral Boutique Hotel is located, you can enjoy the island and of the great variety of experiences and activities that this hotel offers without making large displacements. We hope that your stay at our hotel is as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

No worries

A machine / cashier at the entrance offers us the innovative service of check-in 24 hours a day. The machine is for customers with prior reservation as well as for people who wish to make a reservation at the moment. It also performs the reading of documents, delivery of keys as well as the payment available only with credit card. We have 24 hour human telephone service.


Nao Catedral offers clients a wide variety of experiences to make your stay at the hotel unforgettable. From boat trips, trekking, bike rides or wonderful gastronomic experiences whose main objective is to turn your vacation into an unforgettable memory.

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A real paradise

The island of Menorca is a true paradise in the Mediterranean. Hidden paradise beaches, crystal clear coves, monuments and a very unique architecture that allows you to make a real trip to the past as well as the most singular gastronomic experiences. That's why Menorca is a must visit. This is the best way you can appreciate and explore the island.

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Aquarium Restaurant

Promotion at the Aquarium restaurant in the Port of Ciutadella. Get now a 5% discount. Open all year long. Taste it!

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A paradise in the Mediterranean

Aquarium Port Ciutadella

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